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Online Marketing | Search Engine Optimization

Search engine (ex. Google.com or Yahoo.com) is the first place where most internet user find the information they needed. Every newsite will be indexed by the search engines, and for every keyword an internet user use, the search engine will rank the website.

To be able to get great rank (#1-10) from the search engine is not a simple task, certain configuration must be done whithin and outside the website. Its importance to understad why a great ranks is important. Everyday, an average of 3 billion people using the internet to seach informations, and most of them are using search engines. So if your site rank #1-10 in the search result, imagine how much of free traffic you can get?

To be able to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you have to understand how the search engine works, how they index wesites, and how they set the page rank. Its a dazzling work to do, not mention how long the result can be.

Go Online Solutions Indonesia provide SEO service as a solution for your online marketing. SEO is important for a long-period benefits, to get free traffic to your site.




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